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Experience my energy and spiritual work and allow it to remove the trauma, fear, anxiety and sadness you currently experience in your life. This trauma can be due to setbacks in personal, professional or spiritual life. I work with the highest frequency of energy emanating from 7th plane, the power of unconditional love, to instantaneously stabilize you and break the patterns that repeatedly bring same experiences in your life. I invite you to a no obligation 30 minute free session to feel the instant and powerful impact of the healing I facilitate.

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Theta Healing® Basic DNA

In this class the tool of bringing miracles in our life is presented and explained to the participants.

You learn how to change limiting beliefs and emotions, which we brought with us from past lives, or we have inherited through our gene lines that we have learned in this life since the moment of our conception and our soul beliefs.

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Theta Healing® Advanced DNA

This course will take you to the next step and you will discover more advanced techniques to implement in your healing. It expands the understanding of each one of the seven planes of existence. You learn how to clear old cords, vows and commitments with the planes that hold you back from your spiritual growth and evolution. You will receive feelings that are downloaded from the instructor that will bring you profound healing and enlightenment.

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I am so proud of the work that i do for my customers. Please take a moment and read what they have to say about their experience working with me.

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