Teaching worldwide

We teach Theta healing courses in Cyprus, Greece, Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait, Australia and worldwide.10253960_1152030338144103_4831074333754084411_n

Theta healing is a whole way of life. Is giving people the power to change their lives and became the Masters of their destiny.

Theta healing has been described as an attainable miracle for our lives” and it’s a growing international community of more than 400,000 practitioners at present.

We have great experience at a mastery level teaching seminars, coaching and with individual sessions.

All over the years accumulated research, study and experience supports the students to expand their knowledge and empowers them enough to make their dreams happen.

We would be more than happy to discuss with you the possibility to travel and teach in your country.

Since our teaching schedule is written and organize in advance, please contact us early enough to discuss the terms of our co-operation and allow enough time for promoting the courses.